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Generic Arthritis Medications For Sale

Arthritis is a common condition that causes pain and inflammation in a joint. Arthritis affects people of all ages, including children. The two most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. We offer wide sprctrum of generic arthritis drugs available without a prescription for Asian and Australian patients.



Anaprox is NSAID used to reduce intense pain caused by different kinds of arthritis.


60mg, 90mg, 120mg
Arcoxia is used to treat acute and chronic osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, acute gouty arthritis, to relieve pains.


Colchicine is a prescription drug that is primarily used to prevent gout flare-ups, and to a lesser extent, familial Mediterranean fever or FMF, in adults and children 4 years of age and older. Gout is caused by a buildup of abnormally high levels of uric acid in the blood and results in sudden pain in specific joints, most often in the big toe, ankle, or knee. FMF is an inborn condition that results in periods of pain, fever, and swelling of the stomach, lungs, and joints. Colchicine is effective at lessening the buildup of uric acid crystals and reducing swelling in the affected joints. It is important to note that Colchicine is not a general pain reliever, and will not relieve pain that is unassociated with either gout or FMF. It should not be used in such a manner.


10mg, 20mg
Feldene is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis.


25mg, 50mg, 75mg
Indocin is a NSAID used o reduce fever, stiffness, pain, and swelling.


7,5mg, 15mg
Mobic is NSAID with analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-fever effect.


200mg, 400mg, 600mg
Motrin is NSAID, it reduces symptoms of arthritis, primary dysmenorrhea, fever.


250mg, 500mg
Naprosyn is NSAID used to reduce intense pain caused by different kinds of arthritis.


25mg, 100mg
Cyclosporine is used to prevent organ rejection after a kidney, liver, or heart transplant.


100mg, 300mg
Zyloprim is used to treat gout or kidney stones, and to decrease levels of uric acid.